San Diego Creative Arts Project – SDCAP

This new and unique Performing Arts Conservatory Training program has been created to train, challenge,  and produce technically and artistically confident performers. With numerous Youth Theatre groups across America renting scripts, and music, for Junior versions of many shows, the need for original,  and authentic youth theatre productions is very apparent. With 2-3 productions a year, one of our annual productions will be a classic favorite, and the other will be an original, or updated version of a well known tale with new script and music. At SDCAP doing the absolute best job, with the highest standards of artistic integrity, while teaching students the disciplines of musical theatre is the motivation, bringing amazing results, and dedication.

San Diego Creative Arts Project chose to launch our new youth performing arts program with an all new adaptation of “A Christmas Carol in Old San Diego” Giving youth the access to work with talented experts and professionals, on original scripts and music, is an exciting opportunity for young performers to be part of the creative process.

“A Christmas Carol in Old San Diego” ~ About Our Production:

Everyone is familiar with tale of “A Christmas Carol” Even those who have never read Charles Dickens, seen it as a theatrical production, or one of the many movie versions.

In this retelling, Scrooge resides in The Whaley House in historic Old Town San Diego. Bob Cratchitt is a clerk at the General store. Scrooge’s nephew resides in New Town San Diego, near the new Harbor. He tells his Uncle of the vibrant new port, and that he “Saw Three Ships” come sailing in on Christmas Day in the morning.
Scrooge is haunted by 3 ghosts in the Whaley house.
The Ghost of Christmas future is a dancer who takes Scrooge to the graveyard in Old Town.

These and many more historical facts and ideas, as well as music specially produced for this production, are being implemented to the script.

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